Digital Communication


Digital media is increasingly integrating into our daily lives. Today's consumers are using a myriad of devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and even gaming consoles to get online and search for product recommendations, connect with colleagues on social networks or post their own content which like articles, videos or photos.

A brand should effectively manage these experiences to engage with its consumers. At Glass house PR we research and understand a client's target group before developing a strategy that suits their business. From social media strategies and activations to content creation, we build online programs that cultivate meaningful interactions with your target audience. 

What We Do

  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing (Bulk SMSs and ShortCodes)
  • Social Media Management and Marketing

Social Media Management and marketing is much more than just having a lot of likes or connections. A successful campaign can help you connect directly with your consumers and build brand awareness. Cultivating a strong online community can pay off with increased visibility, customer loyalty and powerful branding. Whether it is Facebook, GooglePlus or Twitter, we understand how each social media network performs so we can create custom content to maximize on your return.

We apply our expertise and planning methodology to drive content development, engagement, interaction and sharing - all designed to achieve goals that have been clearly designed.

What We Do

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Integrated Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Profile Management and Monitoring
  • Online reputation management and Influencer relations (managing the brand's online reputation)
  • Creative Content Development
  • Social Media training