Brand Management

brandsA brand is the personality that identifies a product or a concept and makes it distinct and unique from other competing brands in the consumer's mind. A brand demonstrates what unique thing the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace. It is often the most valuable asset to a Corporation.

At GlasshousePR we help companies and organizations clarify and refine their brands and position them for recognition and acceptance by their target consumers.

Branding is much deeper and broader than a logo or identity system. As such, we help our clients by creating a visual brand that is both meaningful and works effectively across multiple touch points. Using various visual branding elements and a proper brand message, we align a brand's core values with the consumer's needs and behaviors by developing a creative and highly effective brand strategy that connects and persuades.

The right image helps drive visibility and reputation. Creative and design work is often supplemental to the other programs at GlasshousePR but we also do standalone creative work that includes creation of both print and digital materials and website design.

What We Do

  • Developing Branding Strategies
  • Developing Brand Awareness
  • Developing Brand Identity
  • Developing Brand Loyalty
  • Design & Creative Services